7 Areas in Improving Your Basketball Game

Becoming a far better basketeer doesn’t happen over night. It involves serious work, discipline, dedication, and therefore the love of the sport to become the player you would like to be. So to assist you out on your thanks to become a far better basketeer within the future, here are 7 areas you would like to improve:

Speed and Agility

There are many exercises you’ll do to enhance your speed and agility. one  the foremost effective is that the “suicide”. Start at the bottom line and sprint towards the foul shot line, touch the ground and return . Sprint and touch the mid-court line and back. Sprint and touch to the farthest foul shot line and back. Sprint and touch the other bottom line and back. do that several times and can definitely improve your speed. you’ll also use other sprint training techniques.


Improving the strength and power of your legs will improve your vertical jump. Do squats, step ups, and lunges. Jumping and hopping drills are effective also .


Weight lifting is an efficient tool to become strong and increase muscle mass. If you play the position of forward and center, you actually got to improve during this area.

The silhouette view of a basketball player holding basket ball on black background


Stamina training like road running is effective to create up the guts to travel to distance during the sport .


This skill are often improved by using different dribbling techniques and drills. There are 3 dibbling techniques: natural dribble or relaxed dribble, control dribble or dribbling low to take care of possession under a defensive pressure, and speed dribble or dribbling at a maximum speed. Different drills include up the ladder, squeeze the bananna, ball slap, rhythm drill, drop step, pass and catch, situation , sit dribbling, spider, dribble 8, figure 8, one leg, ball drop, and round the world. These drills aren’t only applicable to ball-handlers. They apply to all or any positions to extend ball handling capability.


Improving your shooting skills involves correct jump, body form and power. this will be improved by constant practice. Shooting the ball for several times using one form increases the probabilities of creating the shot. Bottom line is, if you would like to enhance your shooting you ought to practice, practice, and practice some more.


Improving your defense is as important as improving your shooting and dribbling ability. There are alternative ways to try to to this: cone drills, stadium stairs, defensive slides, and jumping .