3 Key Lessons to Improve Your Rebounding Skill

There are 2 occasions where you’ll get the ball off the bounce: once you are on the offense and once you are on the defense. Either way, you would like to find out these lessons to become overall rebounder of your team:

1. Rebounding is making the proper body position.

Your coach always yells “rebound!” and you’re getting disgusted it because regardless of how high you jump, your opponent remains ready to grab the ball faraway from you. If this is often your problem, then you would possibly not be placing yourself within the right rebounding position. Remember this: rebounding doesn’t start once you get the ball on its way down, it starts on the bottom . Thus, knowing where to put your body to urge the right position is one key to grabbing the ball. (I say one key because you’ve got to know the second lesson.)

The ideal position is placing your body between your opponent and therefore the ball. note that not all rebounds come from the rim or the board, so positioning your body between the opponent and therefore the basket isn’t possible.

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2. Rebounding is anticipating where the ball will land.

You know the proper position but it’s useless if you do not skills to anticipate where the ball goes to travel . this needs sense . for instance , if the ball is taken within the perimeter, it’s likely that the ball will bounce off strong. a brief shot may yield opposite result. What you ought to do is to always put your eye on the ball and therefore the moment the player taking the shot. Predict where the ball will land and position yourself directly taking into consideration lesson no 1 . note that you simply can’t always guess the position of where the ball will land but knowing this may increase your chances of placing yourself within the right position to urge the rebound.

3. Rebounding is all about attitude.

As said by many, rebounding isn’t about who jumps high or who stands tall; it’s about who wants the ball more. this is often the third lesson you’ve got to find out . The attitude is all it takes to become honest rebounder. you’ll skills to position before rebounding and you’ll skills to anticipate where the ball will land, but if you do not want it, you will not catch on .

Know the proper position, anticipate where the ball will land, and wanting the ball more are the three main factors to become an honest rebounder. Learn these and you will be controlling the board.

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