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Inventions in Physics- I

Inventions in Physics

Air Conditioner – This equipment was discovered by Wills Heavy Carrier in 1902 AD. By controlling the temperature and humidity through this device, the place is kept cool or warm.

Diskography –   This tool was discovered in 1900 AD by JC Bose. This device works to measure the growth of plants.

Barometer –   This instrument was discovered in 1644 by Evangelista Torricelli. This device measures atmospheric pressure .

Arc Lamp –  This device was discovered by Dewey in 1809 AD. This device produces very fast light.

Atom – Atomic was discovered by John Dalton in 1808 AD.

Atomic structure –  Atomic structure was discovered in 1913 by Neil Bohr and Rutherford.

Nuclear Reactor-  this Yn discovers cloak 1942 E 0 was Enrico Fermi.

Diode Valve –  It was discovered in 1904 by Sir J. S. Fleming.

Triode Valve –   It was discovered in 1907 AD by Doctor Lee D. Forrest.

Wireless wire –  It was discovered in 1901 by Marconi. It is also one of the most important inventions in the field of physics.

Radium –  It was discovered in 1898 by Madame Curie.

Radioactivity –   It was discovered in 1896 AD by Henry Becker.

Electromagnetic induction –  It was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831 AD.

Raman Effect –   It was discovered in 1928 AD by CV Raman.

X-rays –  It was discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Rantonne.

Light Electrical Effect –   It was discovered by Albert Einstein in 1905.

Quantum Theory –   It was discovered in 1900 AD by Max Planck.

The Law of Electric Attraction-  It was discovered by Coulomb in 1779 AD.

Periodic table –  It was discovered in 1869 by Mendeleev.

The law of electrical resistance –  It was discovered in 1827 AD by GS Ohm.

Cycle – It was discovered in 1839 AD by K.  McMillan, a scientist from Scotland.

Bi-Focal lenses-  It was discovered in 1780 AD by Benjamin Franklin.

Computer-  It was discovered in 18 by Charles Babbage. It is one of the most famous inventions in physics.

Carbon –  It was discovered by Ralph Bezwood in 1806 AD.

Car-   It was discovered in 1769 AD by Nicholas Kug Nat.

Carburetor –  It was discovered in 1876 by G. Daimler.

Diesel engine –  It was discovered in 1895 by the German scientist Rudolf Diesel.

Dynamo-   It was discovered in 1831 AD by England scientist Michael Faraday.

Dental Plate –   It was discovered in 1817 by Anthony Platon.

DC Motor –  It was discovered in 1873 AD by Belgian scientist Genobe Grambe.

AC Motor – It was discovered in 1888 AD by USA scientist Nicola Tesla.

Electromagnet –  It was discovered in 1855 by Louis – le – Prince.

Fountain Pen –  It was discovered in 1884 by the scientist Lewis Waterman of the USA.

Galvanometer –  It was discovered in 18 by French scientist André-Marie Ampere.

Gaslighting –  It was discovered in 1792 by William Mardan.

Gramophone-  It was discovered in 1878 AD by Thomas Alva Edison.

Gyro-Compass –   It was discovered in 1911 AD by Sir Alper Sperry, a scientist of the USA.

Loudspeaker –  It was discovered in 1900 AD by British scientist Horus Short.

Neon Lamp –  It was discovered in 1910 by the French scientist George Claude.

Fire –   It was done by French scientist Philippe Leban in 1799 AD.

Safety Pin –  It was discovered in 1849 by Walter Hunt.

Skyscraper –  It was discovered by William Jenny in 1882 AD.

Steel –  It was discovered in 1855 AD by the famous British scientist Henry Bessemer.

Steam Engine (Condenser) –  It was discovered in 1769 AD by Scottish scientist James Watt.

Steam Engine (Piston) –  It was discovered in 1712 AD by Britain’s famous scientist Dham Neukomen.

Safety lamp –  It was discovered in 1816 by British scientist Humphredvi.

Cement-   It was discovered in 1824 AD by Joseph Argdin.

Tractor –   It was discovered in 1892 AD by USA scientist Robert Farmich.It is also one of the most important inventions in the field of physics.

Tank –   It was discovered in 1914 AD by the famous British scientist Sir Ernest Swinton.

Telegraph (mechanical) –   It was discovered in 1787 AD by French scientist M. Lamand.

Telegraph Code –  It was discovered in 1837 AD by Samuel Morse, a scientist of the USA.

Telephone – It was discovered in 1876 AD by the famous scientist Graham Bell of the USA.

Television (mechanical) –  It was discovered in 1926 by the famous British scientist JL Baird.

Television (electronic) –  It was discovered in 1927 AD by the famous scientist Taylor

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