A sentence is a group of words, which are arranged in a syntax order of a Subject, Verb, and Object, in other words, it is arranged as a Subject and a Predicate. A sentence makes complete sense and gives perfection to speaker in his speech and writing.

Kinds of Sentence

  • Sentence
  • Compound Sentence
  • Complex Sentence
  • Compound-Complex Sentence


A sentence that has a Subject and a Predicate is called a Sentence.

Example :

  • gives milk.
  • Sneha arranged flowers.
  • We have found a pen in bag.
  • Horses eat grams.
  • Being a good comedian, she performed well.

Compound Sentence

A sentence is a combination of two simple sentences of equal rank with the help of conjunctions, like and, but, yet, and or is called a Compound Sentence.


  • Shweta went to the market and bought some eggs.
  • We informed him about it but he failed to understand.
  • Siddharth can ride a bicycle or can ride a motorcycle too.
  • Manu was very careful yet she could not save herself.

Complex Sentence

A sentence that has one Main Clause and one or more Subordinate Clause is called a Complex Sentence.

Complex Sentences, Sentences


  • Daniel told me that he was a good singer in his childhood.
  • They rejected what he had suggested.
  • The tanks were empty because the pipeline was broken.
  • The were quiet when the teacher entered the class.

Compound-Complex Sentence

A sentence which has two Main Clauses and one Subordinate Clause is called a Compound-Complex Sentence.


  • While the man played guitar the girls sang and the boys danced.
  • When I reached the station I bought the tickets and boarded the train.
  • As she is a great football player she played very well but lost the game at last.
  • Before Lalit found the place he had made a survey yet he was cheated in a deal.

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