A Noun is the name of person, animal, place, or thing. It’s also called a naming word of person, place, or thing.

  1. A noun can be divided into two main classes:
  • Concrete Nouns
  • Abstract Nouns

Concrete Nouns

The names of persons, animals, places, or things that can be touched or seen physically and materially are called concrete nouns. They can be sub-divided into four kinds.

Proper Nouns

The names of the particular persons, animals, places, or things are called proper nouns. e.g. Raj, Salim, John, Mumbai, Africa, England, Aurangabad, etc.

Common Nouns

The names of the class of persons, animals, places, or things are called common nouns. e.g. King, River, Tree, , Boy, Man, Woman, etc.

Collective Nouns

The names of a group of persons, animals, birds, places, or things, or objects of the same kind as a whole are called collective nouns. e.g. a fleet of ships, a flock of sheep, a herd of cattle, a crowd of people, a team of players, etc.

Material Nouns

The name of the substances or materials which can be used to prepare or make things are called material nouns. e.g. silver, gold, wood, cement, , copper, glass, etc.


Abstract Nouns

The names of the qualities or things that can be thought of but cannot be touched or seen physically or materially are called abstract nouns. They express the quality, state, and action of an idea or a thought.

Nouns of Quality

The nouns which express quality are called nouns of quality. e.g. Knowledge, Wisdom, Kindness, Patience, etc.

Nouns of State

The nouns which the state is called state of noun. e.g. Sleep, Youth, Childhood, Poverty, Death, etc.

Noun of Action

The noun which indicates the action are called the noun of action. e.g. Flight, Theft, Laughter, Robbery, etc.

2. Noun can also be divided into two kinds:

  • Countable Nouns
  • Uncountable Nouns

Countable Nouns

The nouns that are used to count persons, animals, places, or things are called countable nouns. They can be called as Numerical Nouns too. They the number of a thing, one by one, like one, two, three, etc. The articles like a, an, the can be used to countable nouns. e.g. 

  • A man was lying on the road.
  • An elephant is destroying the garden.
  • The sky was clear in the morning.
  • There were five men in the car.
  • We have nine rooms in the house.
  • They planted eleven trees in the garden on 11.11.2011 at 11.11 a.m.
  • He was the first in the class in studies.

Uncountable Nouns

The nouns that are used to measure the quantity of anything are called uncountable nouns. They can be also called as Quantitative or Measurable Nouns. They the quantity or measure of things. e.g.

  • There is some food on the plate.
  • There was little ink in the pot.
  • We have much work to complete.
  • There was more pudding in the vessel.
  • There is not much scope for improvement.

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