How to Choose Exactly the RIGHT Foreign Word

English has many words with quite one meaning – for example: ‘can’ – to be able to; tin receptacle. Many foreign language words even have multiple definitions. How are you able to make sure that you select the right one? Mistakes are often embarrassing!

Instead of checking out one word, prepare an inventory of synonyms (words that mean on the brink of an equivalent thing).

========== The Word ‘Can’ ==========

If you would like to seek out the word meaning ‘can’ as in ‘to be able to’, your list could be something like this:




Now, if you look for ‘can’ in foreign language dictionaries, you would possibly discover the subsequent within the English-[Foreign Language] section:


Büchse, Dose, Kanister, können, dürfen

You know that German capitalizes all nouns, so you eliminate the primary three words. the most  for ‘können’ is ‘to be able to’, and therefore the main for ‘dürfen’ is ‘to be allowed to’. Therefore, the right word during this case is probably going ‘können’.


poubelle, arrosoir, pouvoir

‘Poubelle’ means ‘garbage can’; ‘arrosoir’ means ‘watering-can’; and ‘pouvoir’ means ‘to be able to’. the right word in French is perhaps ‘pouvoir’.


lata, ferro-velho, poder

‘Lata’ means ‘can, tin, tin can’; ‘ferro-velho’ means ‘garbage can’; and ‘poder’ means ‘to be able to’. the right word in Portuguese would presumably be ‘poder’.

========== The Word ‘Check’ ==========

‘Check’ can mean ‘check mark’; ‘bill at a restaurant’; ‘part of a of squares’; ‘to ensure or confirm’. If we are trying to find the  meaning ‘to ensure or confirm’ we’d make the subsequent list:





Now let’s examine what we discover once we investigate the word ‘check’:


Rechnung, Beschränkung, überprüfen, kontrollieren, Kontrolle, nachprüfen

First we remove the capitalized words (nouns). This leaves three words to research: ‘überprüfen’ (to examine, check); ‘kontrollieren’ (to control, supervise, to check); ‘nachprüfen’ (to check, verify); therefore, ‘nachprüfen’ appears to be most almost like our desired definition.


A search in an Italian dictionary gives us the subsequent partial list:

controllare, verificare, assegno, assegno bancario

‘Controllare’ (to audit, check, check abreast of , supervise, verify); ‘verificare’ (to audit, check, check abreast of , supervise, verify); ‘assegno’ (check, cheque); and ‘assegno bancario’ (check, cheque).

It would that either ‘controllare’ or ‘verificare’ would suffice.


The list of :

besiktiga, kontrollera, check

Reverse-lookup gives us these definitions: ‘besiktiga’ (inspect, audit, check, check abreast of , supervise, verify); ‘kontrollera’ (audit, check, check abreast of , supervise, verify); and ‘check’ (check, cheque).

It seems that we could use either ‘besiktiga’ or ‘kontrollera’.

========== Resources ==========

Use your sense , books, people, and therefore the resources on your computer.

Whenever possible, attempt to find a dictionary that has example sentences. Seeing a word utilized in context is that the best thanks to zero in on its exact meaning.

Word processor thesauri and grammar functions are going to be valuable assets. Online dictionaries are plentiful – use them whenever you’ll confirm that you simply have a minimum of one recently published printed dictionary and/or thesaurus nearby. When unsure attempt to get advice from an educator a lover who speaks the language, or a web forum.

Now, do not be afraid to form mistakes. that is the way we learn. Whenever possible attempt to use words in everyday speech. Remember: your learning will progress more quickly if you do not obsess over errors.

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