An adjective is a word which qualifies the noun and adds something to the noun or tells something more about the noun.


  • She is a beautiful girl.
  • He is a clever student.
  • He is an Indian soldier.
  • It is a flat ground.
  • We are three people on the team.

Kinds of Adjectives

  • Adjectives of Quality
  • Adjectives of Quantity
  • Adjectives of Number
  • Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Distributive Adjectives
  • Interrogative Adjectives

Adjective of Quality

The adjective that indicates the present and the past participles of the verb are called adjectives of quality. They are also called participle adjectives.


  • He has a pleasing personality.
  • She has a smiling face.
  • Jeet had a tired look.
  • Sania gave me a visiting card.
  • Jack showed his broken legs.

Adjectives of Quantity

The adjectives that indicate and show how much of a thing is meant are called adjectives of quantity.


  • The child drank a little milk.
  • She did not have much time.
  • He could not get any food.
  • He returned the whole amount.

Adjectives of Number

The adjectives that indicate how many persons or things are there are called adjectives of number or numerical adjectives.


  • All are going for the test.
  • Most people like cakes.
  • There are ten students in the class.
  • I have a few books.
  • She is the first in the class.
Kinds of Adjectives of Number
Definite Numerical Adjectives

The adjectives that indicate a number of places, persons, or things are called definite numerical adjectives.

Example: One, two,three, four,etc.,first,second,third,fourth,etc.

Indefinite Numerical Adjectives

The adjectives that do not indicate a number of places, persons, or things are called indefinite numerical adjectives.

Example: Some,few,many,all,any,several,etc.

Demonstrative Adjectives

The adjectives that indicate the persons, places, or things which are referred to are called demonstrative adjectives.


  • This is taller than that one.
  • That is a better option.
  • These mangoes are sweeter.
  • Those are lovely plants.

Distributive Adjectives

The adjectives that indicate or refer to each one of the two or more persons or things, taken as separately or a single group are called distributive adjectives.


  • Each student is praise-worthy.
  • Every child is given a lovely gift.
  • Either side might win the match.
  • Neither spot is clear in the mind.

Interrogative Adjectives

The adjectives that indicate the nouns to questions or to interrogate someone are called interrogative adjectives.


  • What kind of person he is?
  • Which way should I choose?
  • Whose pen is this?
  • Which fool did such a kind of thing?

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