What is Software?

What is Software?

Definition: A Software is a of data and computer instructions that tells the computer how to do work.

Example: Microsoft Publisher, EndNote, Windows maker.

Software is used in every field of life such as Business fields, Medical Field, , Education, Industries, Communication, etc.

Computer Software

Types of Software

There are two types of software :

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software

System Software

  • Computer software is designed to provide a platform for other software. It helps to run hardware and software applications.
  • System software manages resources.
  • System software runs from starting to the end of the system.
  • The system software is developed using C++, C, and Assembly, etc.
  • The system software is the essential nor proper and normal functioning of a system.
  • Example: Operating system, Language Processor and Device Drivers, etc.

 Application Software

  • Software designed to perform a group of co-ordinate functions for the benefit of the user.
  • Application software runs only when the user requires it.
  • Application software is developed using different languages such as , C, C++, and Visual Basics, etc.
  • Application software is not extremely important for the proper and normal functioning of the system.
  • Example: Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation Software, Graphics Software, and Web Browser, etc.


Advantages of Software

  • Software increases productivity by increasing work speed.
  • Risk is reduced by Software re-engineering.
  • The software produces more flexible system.
  • The software produces systems with excellent documentation.
  • Software increases the potential by optimization.
  • Software is object-oriented.
  • Easily Copies can be made without printing.
  • It can easily correct mistakes which are made.

Disadvantages of Software

  • Software is an expensive system.
  • Software is very difficult to customize.
  • The software requires training and maintenance staff.
  • The software needs to be defined accurately.
  • The software has very limited backup and support.
  • Software is not built-in threads.
  • Software data can be lost due to data corruption.
  • Some symbols are not easily accessible.

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