What is Computer Hardware?

What is Computer ?

Computer includes the physical parts of a computer like CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound card, graphics card, computer data storage, and motherboard.


A computer keyboard is similar to a common typewriter that uses an arrangement of buttons. There are 101 keys in a US traditional keyboard and 104 keys in the Windows keyboard which include number, alphabets, symbols, punctuation and function keys, etc. There are various types of keyboards which are as following:

Virtual Keyboard

A virtual keyboard is a type of keyboard that allows users to input symbols and characters without hard, physical buttons.

Ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are designed keeping factors in mind, such as back pain, wrist related injuries, muscle strain. A typical ergonomic keyboard has a V-shaped design that allows both hands to stay at a more natural position while typing. It may procure after spending hours on desktops.

Chiclet keyboard

Some versions of MacBook, Chromebook is currently using the keyboard. Chiclet style-keyboards are used in various systems including personal computers, remote controls, and calculators.

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are a unique computer keyboard that uses pressure pads instead of individual/separate keys.

Gaming Keyboards

The gaming industry is the fastest-growing sector in the world. It has now become a profession for thousands of expert gamers, and just like gaming setups they need dedicated keyboards to achieve higher performance.

Flexible Keyboards

Most of the flexible keyboards are built from silicone. Flexible keyboards are a blend of standard and laptop keyboards in both functionality and purpose.

Thumb Keyboard

This type of os keyboard is present in handheld PC and mobile phones. The numeric keyboard is a type of thumb-sized keyboard.


A mouse is a pointing device. A mouse is an important tool for communicating with the computer. A mouse detects two-dimensional motion. The mouse allows a smooth control of the graphical interface. There are various types of mouse:

Mechanical Mouse

The mechanical mouse is also known as a ball mouse. When we move the mouse then the mouse ball roll and sensors that are embedded inside identify the motion and move on the screen’s surface.

Optical Mouse

An optical mouse uses advanced technology such as LED, optical sensor, and other DSP. Optical mouse, detect the movement by the sensors when reflected light.

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse allows provides flexibility to users. Gamers need dedicated keyboards to achieve higher performance.


A computer monitor is an output device which displays information on a display screen in pictorial form. A monitor usually consists of a display device, circuit, casing and power supply, etc.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU stands for the central processing unit. CPU is also known as the brain of a computer where calculations take place. CPU consists of at one processor, CPU is an output device. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is the principal component of CPU.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM stands for random access memory. It is the memory of the computer. RAM is used to store data and codes. There are three types is storages in a computer:

  • Optical
  • Magnetic
  • Semiconductor


The motherboard is a printed circuit board. The motherboard is an essential part of a computer. It holds many components of a computer such as CPU, memory, conductor for input, and output devices. The motherboard is the largest board in a computer. A motherboard receives power and communicates it with one another.

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