The computer is a system of that electronic device through which various information is processed on the basis of a definite set of instructions called the program and mathematical and non-mathematical both types of information are processed.

  • The first mechanical computer was composed or fabricated by Blaise Pascal in 1642 and it is called Pascale.
  • In 1833 Charles Babbage first time can be conceived and automatic calculator or computer.
    Charles Babbage is called the father of the modern computer
  • Harman made an electronic tabulating machine based on punch cards that operate automatically.
  • The first mechanical computer was fabricated by Howard Akeen.
  • The most outstanding contribution to the development of the modern computer goes to join Ben Newman who brought the second revolution in the area of computers in 1951.
Image of workplace in office room without people with open lapto
Image of workplace in office room without people with open lapto

Functions of Computer

  • Collection and composition of data.
  • Storage of data.
  • Processing of data.
  • The output of the information and data.

Units of Computer

  • Input unit.
  • Central processing unit (CPU).
  • External memory unit.
  • Output unit.

The CPU of the computer is called the brain of the computer and sometimes the CPU is also called the microprocessor of the computer.

The data is entered through the input unit in the computer and through the central processing unit with the help of the External Memory Unit data are arranged and processed. Ultimately by the output unit, these data or information are issued or released

Parts of Computer


The monitor of the computer is like a television in which the picture appears in the form of dotted points on the screen and these are called pixels.

Hard disc or Floppy disc

The hard disc is the permanent disc in the computer while the floppy disc is a disc utilized when data or information or to be transferred from one computer to another computer.


The mouse of the computer is like remote control of TV through which the computer is strictly regulated or control without utilizing the keyboard.

Parts of Computer
Parts of Computer


The printer is a device that prints any document or information of the computer.

Some High-Level Languages


This language was developed for solving the mathematical formulae very quickly and conveniently.


In basic a definite part of the prescribed instruction is only inserted in the computer.

This was basically fabricated and designed for the complex algebraic calculations.

This language is used for children and kids for drawing graphic line diagrams.


This language was invented by Charles Mure which is frequently used in all types of works on the computer.


This computer language is used for the students the secondary level.

Computer Virus

The computer virus is an electronic code that is used to abolish or eradicate the inclusive information or programs of the computer.
Some important computer viruses are Dork Avangor, kilo, Filip, Scores, Macmug, Columbus Crime, Data Crime, Chenge Mungu and Desi, etc.

Computer Networking

There are two types of computer network kinds which are usually occur- Local Area Networking (LAN) and Wide Area Networking (WAN).

  • By LAN all the computers of the same buildings are connected like the computers of the university, computer of offices, etc.
  • By WAN all the computers in a large area are connected like the computers of all the offices of a city or town etc.
  • In India a very large computer network namely IDONET has been installing through which all the main towns and cities have to be interlinked.

Computer Terminology


A bit is a unit of measurement of the electronic data. 1 bit is either 0 or 1 but not both. On composing 8 beds 1 byte is formed.


The bug is the in the computer program or system and its eradication is called Debug.


Total of 8 bits composed a byte.


It is a thin slice on which by a special mechanism a circuit is a design that is normally made from silicon.

Memory System

The place where the computer data and program are temporarily kept is called the memory system.


The device which converts digital signals into analog signals and vice-versa is called a modem.


it is a device through which a graphic image is transformed into a digital image and the scanners are usually to type one desktop and other hand operating.


It is Random Access Memory where data to be processed are kept temporary and it is unstable memory.


It is Read Only Memory and it is a stable memory that doesn’t end after power off.

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