Use of Metals and Non Metals

Use of some other Metals, Non-metals, and their Compounds

Use of Iodine

  • As a germicide.  
  • In the paint industry.
  • In making tincture iodine.
  •  In the production of medicines.

Use of Bromine

  • As a repellent in making tincture gas.
  • In the color industry.  
  • To make potions.

Use of Hydrochloric Acid

  • In making .
  • In making Amarraj.
  • In making colors.

Use of Sulfur Dioxide

  • As an oxidizer.
  • As bleach as a switch to.

Use of Sulfur

  • As a germicide.
  • In the form of medicine.  
  • In making gunpowder.

Use of Ferrous Oxide

  • Use it to create green glass.

Use of Ferrous Sulfate

  • In making ink.
  • In the paint industry.

Use of Ammonia

  • In the ice factory.
  • As repulsive.

Use of Nitrous Oxide

  • Its use in surgery in the performed.

Use of Producer Gas

  • In the furnace.
  • In metal extraction.

Use of Red Phosphorus

  • It is used in the match industry.

Use of White Phosphorus

  • In killing a rat.
  • In making medicine.

Use of Water Gas

  • In welding work.
  • As fuel.

Use of Coal Gas

  • In preparing a passive environment.
  • As fuel.

Use of Carbon Dioxide

  • In making soda water
  • In extinguishing the .

Use of Magnesium Carbonate

  • The court in making the tooth.
  • In making the drug dose.
  • In making gypsum salts.

Use of Calcium sulfate, or Gypsum

  • Plaster off making Paris.
  • Cement court in specific industries.

Use of Plaster of Paris

  • Surgically tying bandage.
  • In making the idol.

Use of Bleaching Powder

  • As a pesticide.
  • As bleaching.
  • In making chloroform.

Use of Graphite

  • In making electrodes.
  • In polishing ironware.

Use of Diamond

  • In jewelry making.
  • In cutting glass.

Use of Alum

  • In water purification.
  • In the dyeing of clothes.
  • In the leather industry.

Use of Mercuric Oxide

  • As a poison does.
  • In making ointments.

Use of Magnesium

  • In making flashbulbs.
  • In building a thermite building.

Use of Copper Sulfate or Bluestone

  • In the purification of copper.
  • As a germ killer does .
  • In the electric cell.

Use of Cupric Chloride

  • In water purification.
  • As an oxidizer.

Use of Cupric Oxide

  • In blue and green glass manufacturing.
  • In the purification of petroleum.

Use of Cuprous Oxide

  • Used in the manufacture of the red glass.

Use of Copper Access

  • In making electrical wire.
  • In making utensils.
  • In making brass and bronze.

Use of Potassium Permanganate

  • This makes the water known as red medicine which disinfects the water.

Use of Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda

  • In the bakery industry.
  • In repulsive form.
  • The fires of court in Scripture.

Use of Hydrogen

  • In ammonia production.
  • In the manufacture of organic compounds.

Use of Fluid Hydrogen

  • Used as rocket fuel.

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

  • As a germicide.  
  • As an oxidizer.  
  • As a bleach of leather, silk, etc.

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