What is Biology?

What is Biology?

The term Biology is made up of two words bios means 0;life1; and logos means 0;study1;. Biology thus means 0;study of life1;. The term biology was first used by French scientist Lamarck and German scientist Trevineris in 1801 AD. All organisms are studied under biology.

Who is the father of biology?

The philosopher Aristotle is called the father of biology and science.

Who is the father of medicine?

Hippocrates first wrote articles on human diseases, hence he is called the father of medicine.

In how many parts are all the living organisms divided?

Aristotle divided all living beings into two major categories -Animals and Plants. Carolus Linnaeus, in his book Systeme Nature, has divided all living beings into two parts world and plant world. It is the foundation of the modern classification system from the classification system of Carol Linnaeus, hence he is called the father of modern classification. R.H. Whitaker has divided all living beings into five kingdoms-MoneraUnder this, all prokaryotic organisms are there. Such as bacteria, indigo green algae, cyanobacteria, archaebacteria, fibrous bacteria, etc. Protista They are unicellular organisms. Under this, protozoa generally come. Such as amoeba, paramecium, etc. Fungi They are eukaryotic and pollinated but the foliage is not found green due to which there is no photosynthesis in them. They nourish by absorption. They are parasitic or parasitic. Plantae These are multicellular plants in which photosynthesis occurs. AnimaliaThese are multicellular and eukaryotic animals. They are also called Metzova. Such as fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, hydra, jellyfish, worms, stars, and mammals.

Who is the father of the binomial nomenclature?

Carolus Linnaeus is the father of binomial nomenclature. According to the binomial nomenclature system, the name of every organism is made up of 2 words (the first word is the name of the genus and the second is the name of the species). Species are the basic unit of classification.

What is the scientific name of human beings?

The scientific name of human beings is Homo sapiens, Homo is the genus and sapiens is the species.

What is the smallest unit of the human body?

The smallest unit of the human body is the cell.

Name some major branches of biology?

Sericulture – Under this, silkworm rearing is studied.

Apiculture – Under this, beekeeping, honey, and wax are studied.

Renology– Under it, the nose, ear, throat are studied.

Pisciculture – Under it, fisheries are studied.

Calology – Under this, human beauty is studied.

Gynecology – Under this, female reproductive organs are studied.

Hypnology – sleep is studied.

Andrology – Under this, the dream is studied.

Toxicology – Under this, toxic substances and their effects on the body are studied.

Pathology – Under this, the nature, causes, and symptoms of diseases are studied.

Poultry – Under this, the study of poultry is done.

Gerontology – Under it, the study of age science is done.

Ornithology – Under this, birds are studied.

Ecology – Fishes are studied under it.E

etymology – Under this, pests are studied.

Angiology – Under it, snakes are studied.

Serology – Under this, the lizards are studied.

Mycology – Under this, fungi are studied.

Phycology – Under this, algae are studied.

Anthropology – Under this, flowers are studied.

Pomology – Under this, fruits are studied.

Dendrology – Study of trees and shrubs under it.

Silviculture – Under this, the study of wood trees is done.

Cytology – Under cytology is studied.

Anatomy – Under this, the internal structure of the body is studied.

Chemotherapy – Under this, chemical compounds are studied.

Ecology – Under this, studies of flora and are related to the environment or nature.

Neurology– Under it, the nerves and nerves of the human body are studied.

Horticulture – Under this, the study of fruit flowers, greens, orchards, and flower production is studied.

Mammography – Under this, the study of breast cancer of women is studied.

Odontology – Under it, teeth are studied and treated.

Virology – Under this, the study of the virus takes place.

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