• A is a unit of information that directs the activity of the cell or organism during its transfers its message along to the progeny when all the organism divides or reproduce.
  • Mendel factor which is transmitted from one generation to another came to be known as genes.
  • The term genes were given by W. Johannsen.
  • Genes are considered as beads and chromosomes as strings of beads.
  • a unit of function which is also known as Cistron.
  • Gene is the unit of mutation which is also known as Mutant.
  • Gene is a unit of recombination which is also known as Recon.
  • In the other words gene is a hereditary unit which is the appearance of phenotype trait.
  • It is the smallest unit.

Properties of Gene

  • Genes are responsible for the transmission of characteristics from one generation to another generation.
  • Determine the physical and metabolic characteristics of the cell.
  • They are situated in chromosomes.
  • There are several genes in each chromosome.
  • Genes occupy a fixed position in the chromosome.
  • They are arranged in a single linear order in a chromosome.
  • A single gene may occur in several different forms called alleles.
  • Genes have only two alleles, each of them works alternative expression of the same trait.
  • Genes express themselves through the production of protein which controls cell metabolism.
  • Genes on one chromosome may be transferred to another as a result of crossing over.

Difference Between Gene and DNA

Difference between Gene and DNA
Difference between Gene and Chromosome

Function of Genes

  • Gene should be able to replicate.
  • Gene should be inherited by progeny faithfully.
  • Gene should be susceptible to an occasional change by way of mutation and Sachin should be stably inherited.
  • Gene should be able to carry all the information which are necessary to program the function of a cell.

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