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Contributions of Biologists – I

Contributions of Biologists – I

A. Burgerstein – used the term .

A.F.W. Schimper – first used the term plastids for the cell organelles.

A. Sturtevant – Chromosomal Mapping.

Alexander Fleming – the discovery of Penicillin.

Alec Jeffreys – DNA Fingerprinting.

Alphonse Leveran – Malarial parasite.

Andreas Wanger – obtained the fossil of Archaeopteryx lithographic

Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty – DNA is the genetic material

Benzer – Cistron, Recon, Muton.

Birbal Sahni – father of Indian Palaeobotany.

Camillo Golgi – discovered the system of membranes in eukaryotic cells and it was named after its discoverer as Golgi complex.

Chargaff – the rule of equivalence in DNA structure.

Charles Robert Darwin – proposed the theory of natural selection.

E. Wilson – coined the term biodiversity.

Edward Jenner – discovered the cowpox vaccine.

Ernest Haeckel – proposed recapitulation theory.

F. Meischer – isolated nucleic acid from pus cells called nuclein.

Francesco Redi – first spontaneous generation of life.

Frederick Griffith – demonstrated the phenomena of transformation in a bacterium.

G. Gamow – triplet nature of codons.

G.J. Mendel – father of genetics.

Godfrey Hounsfield – first invented CT scan and awarded Nobel prize for his work in 1979.

Biologists of Biology

Grinnel – coined the term niche in 1917.

G. Tansley – coined the term ecosystem in 1935.

Gustafson – first to induce parthenocarpy.

H. Boyer – discovered restriction enzyme.

Haeckel – established that the nucleus is responsible for storing and transmitting hereditary characters.

Hargobind Khorana – recipient of Nobel Prize for cracking the genetic code.

Henking – discovered X chromosomes.

Henry Bates – first described the phenomenon of mimicry.

Hershey and Chase – DNA is the genetic material.

Hevesy – first utilized radioactive isotopes in biological research.

Hugo de Vries – proposed mutation theory of evolution.

Hugo de Vries, Correns, and Tschermark – Rediscovered Mendelism.

Jacob, Monod, and Lwoff – Proposed lac operon.

James D. Watson and Francis H.C. Crick – proposed a double helix model of DNA.

Jean Baptiste Lamarck – proposed the theory of inheritance of acquired characters.

John Otto – discovered hemophilia.

John Ray – introduced the term species.

Jon Jakob Berzelius – predicted the existence of biological catalysis.

Joshua Lederberg – coined the term plasmids.

Joshua Lederberg and Edward – first demonstrated sexuality in .

Karl Landsteiner – discovered blood groups in human beings.

Karl Landsteiner and A.S. Wiener – discovered Rh factor.

Lamarck and Treviranus – coined the term biology.

Lederberg – homogeny, biogeny, and cognomen.

Leewenhoek – reported polyembryony.

Louis Pasteur – father of microbiology.

M. Calvin – traced the path of carbon in photosynthesis and established the C3 cycle.

M. Fujino – put forward activated potassium ion transport mechanism for opening and closing of stomata.

M.J. Schleiden and T. Schwann – formulated the cell theory which states that the cell is the basic of structure and function in living organisms.

M. Knoll and E. Ruska – developed an electron microscope.

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